Mel K & Dr Mark Sherwood Of Functional Medical Institute On Immunity & Stress Management 8-8-2021

Mel, Rob and our friend Dr. Sherwood who is the founder of the Functional Medical Institute get together to discuss Immunity tools, stress management and various ways to improve your health. Your Health is your most important asset and we must all protect it to have a long, healthy and happy life. Dr. Sherwood will be joining us regularly to help our listeners better understand the many easy tools available to all of us to look and feel better and to combat dis-ease.

Mel and I are always looking for great resources for our listeners. Dr. Sherwood has set up a number of links below for all our listeners to receive special offers and as a way to improve your wellness which also helps support The Mel K Show. – download the free e-book to develop physical and emotional resiliency – for a quick 40 day reset of your health. This comprehensive 40 day plan offers a detox kit, nutritional instructions, anti-inflammatory food program, 40 day supply of therapeutic doses of vitamin D and K, and a 40 day supply of therapeutic doses of highest quality omega-3 fatty acids. Be sure to note you were referred from “MelK” – scroll midway down the page to register for the 120 day health transformation program. This four-month program is designed to permanently create lifestyle change. It is the 40 day program supercharged to include in some versions accountability and coaching calls as well as direct practitioner involvement. This plan is explained every two weeks in a free zoom call upon registering. Be sure to note you were referred from “MelK”

Thank you for taking care of your wellness and for your support !

Mel & Rob

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