World Economic Forum Urges Companies To Fire Unvaccinated Employees As Part of ‘Jobs Reset,’ Deletes Tweet After Backlash

The World Economic Forum indicated Monday that it supports employees being forced to choose between taking one of the four controversial Covid vaccines, or unemployment if they choose to not take the vaccine. After intense backlash, they deleted the initial the tweet and uploaded another post with the same graphic and a tweaked caption. “Get […]

California’s Budget Will Give Illegal Aliens Free Healthcare 

California taxpayers will soon be footing the healthcare bill for older illegal immigrants as part of a recently-approved state budget. The budget deal will guarantee coverage for low-income, undocumented, immigrants older than 50. The plan was initiated by Democrats, who’ve said they want to ensure everyone has healthcare insurance. The coverage, set to take effect in 2022, will cost taxpayers $1.3 billion […]

Greg Kelly Goes There – Is First Major News Host to Show Hunter Biden Smoking Crack While Whining on Phone to Family Member and Former Lover (VIDEO)

If this crook’s last name was Trump we’d never hear the end of it. Instead, the fake news and tech giants continue to protect this immoral, criminal, and perverted First Family. A new video emerged of Hunter Biden from the infamous “laptop from hell” where he is seen whining to his girlfriend and dead brother’s widow […]
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