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Cindy McCain: I’m “Proud” I Helped Biden

Cindy McCain, the widow of former Senator John McCain, told The View that she was “proud” she helped Biden “win” the 2020 election. Despite a border crisis, rising inflation, and rising gas prices she said that she believes that Biden is a “good president” and is leading the country in the “right direction.” “I felt like […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Going On “Long-Planned Vacation” Amid Scandal

During an episode of the podcast “The Handoff,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo said that he would be taking a “long-planned vacation.” The Daily Mail reported:  Chris Cuomo has announced he will be taking a weeklong ‘vacation’ from CNN for his birthday – amid outrage that he has ignored the sexual harassment scandal engulfing his brother, New […]

VIDEO: Newsmax Reporter Trolls Fox News For Refusing To Air Mike Lindell’s Ad

Newsmax Correspondent Mike Carter trolled Fox News over their decision to not air Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium ads. He also interviewed people on the street about their thoughts on Mike Lindell and Fox banning his ads. Watch the hilarious video here: Mike Lindell had his ads pulled from Fox News. Newsmax Correspondent @MikeCarterTV gets reaction […]

Report: Biden Staffers Referring To Biden As “The Nightmare On Elm Street”

Even Biden’s staffers don’t respect him, according to a new report. According to Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec, Senior Biden staffers are now referring to him as “the nightmare on elm street.” After today’s press conference senior Biden staffers were referring to him as “The Nightmare on Elm Street” per WH official — Jack […]

New Poll: Wyoming Voters Turn Against Liz Cheney

More bad news for Liz Cheney. According to a new survey, 77% of GOP primary voters would back a candidate other than Liz Cheney. Only 23% said that they would vote for her. The Washington Examiner reported: Embattled Rep. Liz Cheney’s position on charges President Donald Trump played a role in the Jan. 6 Capitol […]

Another One: FBI Assistant Director Failed To Report Romantic Relationship With Subordinate

Corruption at the FBI continues to spill out.  A new report from the Justice Department’s inspector general Michael Horowitz detailed an inappropriate relationship between senior FBI official Jill Tyson and one of her subordinates. Another violation that the summary outlined was that Tyson “participated in a hiring or organizational decision involving the subordinate.” The New […]

It Begins: Judge Mandates COVID Vaccine As Condition Of Probation

The vaccine push continues. A judge in Franklin County, Ohio has mandated vaccines as a condition of probation. The judge said that he added the condition to 3 cases last week. The Columbus Dispatch reported: A Franklin County judge recently began including vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of defendants’ terms of probation. Common Pleas […]

“Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!”- Masses Of Australians March Against COVID Lockdowns

Australians have had enough. Thousands of Australians marched through Australia’s two biggest cities in opposition to the COVID lockdowns on Saturday. Channel News Asia reported: Thousands marched through Australia’s two biggest cities in anti-lockdown protests on Saturday (Jul 24), sparking violent clashes with police in Sydney. Dozens of protesters were arrested after an unauthorised march […]

PUSHBACK: NFL Star Refuses To Share Vaccine Status — “I Think That’s HIPAA”

Star NFL Quarterback Dak Prescott refused to tell a reporter whether or not he was vaccinated during a news conference. Prescott said, “I don’t necessarily think that’s exactly important…I think that’s HIPAA.” Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott on whether or not he is vaccinated: “I don’t necessarily think that’s exactly important … I think that’s […]

New Poll: Trump Now More Popular Than Biden

More bad news for Joe Biden. According to a new poll, Donald Trump is more popular than Joe Biden. The poll found that Trump has a 52% approval among Americans while Biden is only at 51%. From Breitbart: Former President Donald Trump is more popular with U.S. voters than President Joe Biden, according to a […]